JH Soft

Jacek Hajnrych has created a lot of programs in the Audio/MIDI area. For MIDI2DMX users we would like to recommend two free of charge applications - MIDI files player and MIDI messages monitor.


JH DMX MIDI Player is a simple application intended for playing MIDI files. Most important feature for MIDI2DMX users is dual MIDI output option of this application. Using this feature user can send selected tracks to the first MIDI output connected to other MIDI devices. Second MIDI output can be connected to MIDI2DMX converter and used for DMX devices control (lights, etc.).

midi2dmx - JHplayer
Main window of the JH DMX MIDI Player.

midi2dmx - jhplayer-midi
Example of the channels redirection. MIDI channels 1-11 are available on MIDi Port A, rest of MIDI channels (12-16) are on MIDI Port B.

Download: JH DMX MIDI Player (zip, Windows).

JH MIDI Monitor

midi2dmx - jh_monitor
This application allows viewing and filtering of the incoming MIDI messages.
The most important feature for MIDI2DMX users is MIDI Thru function of this software. This function means that application is invisible for other MIDI applications in the system, but allows checking of the messages while transfered between nodes.

Download: JH MIDI Monitor (zip, Windows).