Extreme MIDI Mixer

Extreme MIDI Mixer (ExMixer) is a polish, free of charge software for home and commercial use. Software allows creating of user's graphic MIDI mixers. For MIDI2DMX users ExMixer software was expanded and offers simple sequencer for DMX lights. Preparing of the mixers layouts is very simple and all data is written in plain text files.

Set of the graphic modules (control elements) implented in the ExMixer software.

Example of the DMX Mixer prepared for 6 multi channels DMX devices.
MIDI messages monitor is visible on the bottom.

Exmixer.seqencer Example of the DMX controlled 4 channels PAR lamp with sequencer.

Example of the mixer prepared for testing data prepared in User Mode [Mode 9] of the MIDI2DMX device.

Examples shown above and ExMixer software are available here. In the package are included several mixer's definitions files (*.mixer) with samples as shown above.

Download software: ExMixer v.1.18.

Site of the Włodzimierz Grabowski, author of the ExMixer.